Alien Gods

Melrose Pictures Presents, Alien Gods

This one-hour film explores the world of UFO cults and the ancient astronaut theory. Featured, is an in-depth exclusive interview with the leader of the Raelian movement, "Rael." Acclaimed Sci-Fi director Will Raee traveled cross-country interviewing many of the leaders of today"s prominent UFO religious groups, demystifying and uncovering their outlandish claims. The one-hour documentary opens with startling historical evidence that presupposes the intervention of human life by ancient extraterrestrials. It then turns to the individuals that have embraced this belief and turned it into faith. Alien Gods contains an intimate interview with "Rael," who has recently claimed the creation of the first human clone. Rael discusses his beliefs on cloning and speaks of how he visited an alien planet with the Elohim, who he believes are the creators of all life on Earth.

Alien Gods reveals even more with the examination of ancient artifacts and religious manuscripts for some sign of evidence that can prove alien intervention. There are four UFO religious groups interviewed, that all make such claims that Jesus, and Moses were alien beings. Rael even goes as far in claiming that Jesus is alive through cloning. All and all this is a very informative piece on UFO cults and the Ancient Astronauts Theory. Audience will be sure to be amazed by the beliefs of these groups, and some of the evidence that supports their claims. Chris Nicholas, award-winning director of Demystifying The Devil, was the editor for Alien Gods. Premiers Tuesday April 16th, 2003 at 9:00PM on the Sci-Fi Channel. Checkout for more details, or