"Marilyn Manson - Demystifying the Devil"

Directed, Produced and Edited by: Chris Nicholas

As you know, rock artist Marilyn Manson has become one of the most cutting-edge controversial and most talked about figures in music today. Rock Docs, Inc., has produced the rockumentary, "Marilyn Manson: Demystifying the Devil" and it was released in the fall of 1999.  

"Marilyn Manson: Demystifying the Devil" flashes back to the incarnation of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids and chronicles through their controversial trials and tribulations. The rockumentary features shocking first hand testimonials of the people who were closest to Brian Warner back in his local-based band town of Ft. Lauderdale, FL, as well as outrageous home video that depicts the Manson's in ways never seen before.

Finally after the incredible success domestically and overseas with the VHS version, Demystifying The Devil became available on DVD on Tuesday October 14, 2000. Here is how the VHS has done in the following territories thus far:

- UK- Debuted at #1 in the National CIN Special Interest Chart.
- US- Peaked at #22 in Billboard's 'Top 40 Selling Home Videos'
- Australia and New Zealand- Debuted at #17 in Fortnightly Aria Top 20.

Demystifying The Devil's director/producer Chris Nicholas was flown out to Brescia, Italy on June 2, 2000 to be a part of the Bresica Music and Arts Film Festival where the documentary was the highlight of the festival, drawing the largest attendance of all the entries.

Domestically, Demystifying The Devil was to be screened on Wednesday, September 27, 2000, but due to a threatening letter by Marilyn Manson's attorney, stating that any public viewing would infringe on their artist's music publishing rights. The letter stated legal action would be taken against all parties involved if the screenings took place. The owner of the movie theater pulled the documentary from it's scheduled time slot and refused to show it.

The DVD contains 20 minutes of extra bonus footage not included on the VHS. It has an exclusive interview with Brad Stewart, aka Gidget Gein. Gidget co-wrote & performed on all the songs that appear on Marilyn Manson's debut CD, Portrait of an American Family. All his photo images were taken off of CD and replaced with pictures of Twiggy Ramirez. He never got to tour with the band. So, nobody except for some true fans from South Florida got to know and see whom Gidget Gein really was. Until now'

Other highlights included in DVD and VHS are:

We Have What Mr. Manson's Autobiography, 'The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell Doesn't Reveal:

'Demystifying the Devil' includes exclusive interviews with the individuals who knew him best, such as:

MISSI, Brian's Ex-Girlfriend:

Missi was Brian Warner's girlfriend of six years. She was there from Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids days in Ft. Lauderdale through Mr. Manson's uprising to stardom. She gives us intimate details of their relationship not revealed in his autobiography.

Missi lived the awesome and the ugly days of Manson's life as a band touring South Florida and beyond. In her exclusive interview, she gives her perspective on the roles that people played, either as contributors or obstacles, to Brian Warner's worldwide success.

Laura Werder, Photographer and Former Fan Club Organizer

From the conception of Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, Laura witnessed and photographed some of the most outrageous performances and on goings that made Mr. Manson the notorious figure he is today. As his trusted fan club organizer, she also shares examples of the grotesque affections of his fans.

Zsa Zsa Speck, Former Original Keyboardist - 'Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids'

Zsa Zsa Speck, whose mysterious face and whereabouts are in hot pursuit by hard-core Manson fans worldwide, appears in this rockumentary.

Olivia Newton-Bundy, Former Original Bassist from 'Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids:

Olivia, now known as Brian Tutunick of Nation of Fear, tells how Brian Warner derived from his days of being a writer for a local magazine to becoming Marilyn Manson, a direction he had apparently not planned to go. He also tells his side of the story about his leaving the Spooky Kids, a quite different portrayal from what is told in the autobiography.

'Adina', the Deaf Meat & Greet Girl:

If you've read the book, you'll recall an entire chapter based on the escapades of this wonderful gift from the underworld. . .

In "Demystifying the Devil", "Adina" explicitly tells of the wild and kinky days she had with Marilyn Manson. As an added bonus, she gives her slave a good ass whipping for our camera crew, and keeps him leashed and chained while giving her story.



-Manson performing oral sex on a man.
-Manson sacrificing a rabbit to his pet snake.
-Manson masturbating a dog.
-Manson's bedroom scenes, where he exposes his penis and makes it sing 'The Beautiful People.'
-Former band member Gidget Gein abuses a female fan's personal items (you will want to hide your toothbrush when have guests over after watching this).
-Never before seen footage of Mr. Manson's side project, Mrs. Scabtree.
-Manson and friends at Universal Studios making fun of handicap & overweight people.
-Band member, Madonna Wayne Gacy sniffing white out to get high.
-Tons of Twiggy stuff and other band members too.

This is just a smaller teaser of what this incredible DVD/VHS has inside.

You can new view it online for free on YouTube.  Here it is:  






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