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In Billboard Magazine's September 4, 1999 issue, Demystifying The Devil peaked at number 22 in the Top 100 selling videos in the country and stayed in the Top 40 for 6 straight weeks.

In the December 3, 1999 issue of Entertainment Weekly Magazine, in the video review section, there is a cartoon character of Marilyn Manson with the title, Ubiquitous Shock Rocker of the Week. The story says, His God is in the T.V. tops VideoScans music chart, while the new rockumentary Demystifying The Devil roots through his colored-contacts past.

In the heavy metal magazine, Hit Parader, there is a review in the Video View section. The column begins with, Marilyn Manson: Demystifying The Devil is one of the best long-form metal home videos ever made, as this is an unauthorized biography of a famous rock star, and not a promo project hyped by the record companies.

Billboard Magazine's October 23, 1999 issue, only five home videos are reviewed and Demystifying the Devil is one of them. Part of the review reads, As an attempt to provide a we knew him when, look at the controversial rock star, it is largely successful.

In the February/March 2000 issue of SMUG, there is a full review along with the cover of the artwork from the tape sleeve. Part of the review reads, Demystifying The Devil claims to fill in the gaps left by Mansons autobiography and does a fine job by providing early home video footage and interviews with former girlfriend Missi, ex-bandmates, and others from his local Florida music scene.

Outburn Magazine's issue #11, which is a gothic inspired magazine has Type O Negative on the cover and includes a quarter page full review and displays a picture of the artwork of the front of the tape sleeve of Demystifying The Devil. The review starts off with, Need to see a video of Marilyn Manson performing oral sex on a man? Manson sacrificing a rabbit to his pet snake? Or Manson making his penis sing The Beautiful People? If you need to see this, then maybe you need some help, or maybe you need to see Demystifying The Devil.

FrightX Magazine, which reviews music, movies, and video games, has a full review and displays a picture of the artwork of the front of the tape sleeve. Part of the review states, From image to attitude, this video compiles the banality behind the act. It tells where Manson acquired his band members, at the same time showing the drama involved in consolidating what came to be known as todays Spooky Kids, which involved purging some of his old headbanging comrades.

In the Spring/Summer 2000 issue of the film magazine Shock Cinema, there is a full review of Demystifying The Devil. Part of the review reads, The filmmakers do dig up some funny X-rated home movies of Manson and crew, of course Manson saves his comments for his own books, but if you want the back story on the Manson cult, this ones for you.

In the # 5 issue of Explicitly Intense Magazine, there are three videos reviewed and Demystifying The Devil is one of them. The end of the review reads, Demystifying The Devil is sure to become Satans worst nightmare and the PMRCs visual genocide. Very well worth your time and cash.

In the October 25th, 1999 issue of Music Connection Magazine, it has a picture of the Demystifying The Devils box cover artwork and discusses what the video contains.,, and all have reviews of Demystifying The Devil on their web sites as well as many lesser known web sites and regional newspapers.

Adina, The Deaf Dominatrix, along with Director/Producer Chris Nicholas and Executive Producer Will Raee, appeared on Howard Stern's CBS television show on Saturday, September 25th, and Sterns E! Entertainment Televisions show Tuesday October 5th, to discuss and promote Demystifying The Devil.

E! Entertainment Television's "The Gossip Show" featured scenes from the video and discussed what it contains.

Hard Copy did an entire segment, that opened their show, which featured interviews with Director Chris Nicholas and Executive Producer Will Raee discussing the release of Demystifying the Devil and it's subject Marilyn Manson.

The National Enquirer's television show aired a segment on Marilyn Manson and showed scenes and discussed Demystifying The Devil. The show aired, Tuesday October 12th.

(Radio) Adina, the Deaf Meat and Greet Girl from Manson's autobiography and Demystifying The Devil appeared on Howard Stern's Radio Show Friday, August 20, 1999. They discussed Adinas involvement with Manson and various scenes in the documentary.

Seattle based radio station KNDD 107.7FM THE END did a live on air interview with director Chris Nicholas and ex-Marilyn Manson original guitarist Daisy Berkowitz, aka Scott Putesky. The interview went really well as everyone discussed Demystifying The Devil.

WZTA, 94.9FM in Miami had director Chris Nicholas and Adina, the deaf dominatrix in their studio on the Paul and Ron morning show to discuss Demystifying The Devil.


On November 22, 1999, Demystifying The Devil was released in Australia and New Zealand and is being distributed by Warner Vision.

Demystifying The Devil appeared and spent three weeks in the fortnightly Aria Top 20- Music Video Chart debuting #17 on December 27, 1999 then jumped up to #15 on January 10, 2000 and finally went to #20 on January 24, 2000.

(Print Media)
Rolling Stone, Rip It Up, Massive, Adelaide Variety, Time Off, Recovery, and Beat Magazine all ran reviews and/or promo features regarding Demystifying The Devil.

2UE- Mention with Bill Collins on John Laws Morning program, networked to 41 stations nationally. This took place November 1999 (audience 1 million people).

Sea FM- Promo on The Big Kahuanas Fat 30 ran one week (audience 100,000 people).

Channel V (Foxtel)- Reviewed by Maynard on Jumpstart, the week of December 20, 1999 (viewers, 725,000).

Arena (Foxtel)- Reviewed on The Hub, the week of December 6, 1999 (viewers, 500,000).


Wienerworld, our UK distributor, have employed the services of Cowan Symes to spearhead the press and PR activity in this country. Phil Symes of Cowan Symes looks after artists such as Witney Houston, Chris Rea and Queen and will be working with all of the TV, radio, national and international press on this project.

(Print Media)
In the November 6th 1999 issue of Englands most popular hard music magazine, Kerrang, Demystifying The Devil is mentioned on the cover and there is a whole feature dedicated to it in the magazine.

In the April 5, 2000 issue of Melody Maker Magazine, displays a photo of the video sleeze and discusses the contents of the video. The end of the review reads, Anyway, all that doggy style action and lots more horror can be seen in Demystifying The Devil, a literally no-holds-barred documentary charting Marilyn Mansons rise from gothic no-mark to legendary Antichrist. And weve got 10 copies to give away.

Kerrang Magazine did a two page feature in their January 29, 2000 issue explaining how one minute and wenty-three seconds of the video had to be cut to pass the UKs British Board of Classification.

Metal Hammer Magazines May 2000 Edition featured a full page ad along with a 30 second promo on a CD-Rom thats included with the magazine. In the June 2000 Edition, there is a still image taken from the video and a review of the documentary.

Timecode Magazine, the UKs biggest music and film trade magazine has a full page review of Demystifying The Devil and rated it 9 out of 10, calling it fantastic.

Kerrang Magazines April 8, 2000 issue is running a full cover and feature story about Demystifying The Devil. In their March 25, 2000 issue, Demystifying The Devil was ranked 19 out of 20 in the Offensive Factor.

In the June 2000 issue of Record Collector magazine there are only four video/DVDs reviewed and Demystifying the Devil is one of them. The first sentence reads, Those of you who enjoyed Brian Warners salacious autobiography, The Long Hard Road Out Of Hell, will love this.

MTV and VH-1 have both run segments regarding Demystifying The Devil.

The Jo Whiley Show, which is a late night music chat show on Channel Four contacted us and want to do a whole feature on Demystifying The Devil.